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Fairfax Home Inspections Inc. was founded in1984 and has provided pre-purchase home inspections and consultations for home problems ever since. All of our inspectors are full members of the American Society of Home Inspectors, which is the oldest, largest, and most respected society of home inspectors. ASHI also has the most stringent requirements for membership. In addition to initially requiring members to have a minimum level of experience, there are tests and yearly educational credit requirements which our inspectors have to meet. Our members attend monthly meetings and seminars which always have an educational component.

Our inspections take longer than most because we are very thorough. We not only try to detect and reports all the significant defects but we explain them to you and answer your questions. We’ll tell you how defects can be repaired and approximately how much it will cost.

We may be referred by an agent, but we work for you and we’ll try to find every significant problem and report it accurately without bias. At the end of the inspection we’ll go over the report with you and you can call us later to discuss or further explain out findings.