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Our Services

Our inspections take 3 to 6 hours depending on the house and our inspectors only do 2 inspections a day. We provide a computer printed report with photographs and a separate summary on site, and go over it with you before we leave. You are encouraged to go on the inspection.

Included in you inspection is a year’s telephone consultation regarding you house and improvement you are planning to make.

We have no affiliations or business relationships with any real estate company.

We comply with the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors). Our inspectors are all full members of ASHI. In addition to initially qualifying, members are required to keep up related educational credits each year.

Here is a list of what we inspect and report on – Conditions we find
-roof -tile -wet basement
-siding -kitchen appliances -termite damage
-gutters -fans -structural rot
-windows -crawlspaces -dangerous conditions
-doors -slabs -energy waste
-foundations -garage door openers -inoperative equipment
-decks -floor structure -smoke detectors
-grading -electric panels
-code violations which we
-interior walls -electric sub panels
report as defects
-floors -furnaces -radon testing (optional at extra cost)
-outlets -boilers -water heaters
-GFCI devices -heat pumps  
-plumbing -air conditioners  


Here’s what we don’t inspect: wells, septics, pools, outside hot tubs, trees, water quality, mold, allergens, lead paint, asbestos, tennis courts, official termite inspection, fire protection, security systems, intercoms, audio/visual systems, and central vacuums.